The Union as a Federal body was formed in 1906.

The Union represents the industrial interests of over 40,000 workers nationally covering areas such as Meat Processing, both domestic and export, Poultry, Cold Storage, Supermarket Meat Units, Retail Butcher’s Shops, Dairy, Butter Cheese and Bacon Factories, Smallgoods and Pet Food Manufacturing.

The Union provides members with information about:

  • Wage Rates
  • Award Entitlements
  • Penalty Rates
  • Annual Leave and Sick Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Superannuation
  • Occupational Health and Safety

The Union is also responsible for continually updating awards to ensure that all workers are protected by minimum conditions.

The Union is also able to offer members with legal advice in relation to Workers’ Compensation and other matters through the Union’s Solicitor.

The Union can also offer advice and represent the interests of members in relation to:

  • redundancy
  • termination
  • unfair dismissals

The Union can assist employees to negotiate enterprise agreements as well as provide information about and training for Consultative Committees.

Training is an important issue in the Meat Industry. The Union arranges training for job delegates, consultative committees, occupational health and safety committees.

Your Union is a representative organisation of a body of people working in the Meat Industry throughout Australia and as such is able to advocate for a better working and social life for you and your family.

Your decision to join the Union is an initial step in you becoming a part of the decision making process about matters that may affect you.