Coles Notice – Boxing Day

The Boxing Day Public Holiday is a voluntary day. Under Clause 22 Public Holidays; one of the days listed is Boxing Day.
Regardless whether your store manager tells you that you must work, you cannot be directed or forced to work. This is covered by your agreement and also the NES.
Also, if your day off falls on Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day, ‘Clause 22.6 Non Working Day Falls on a Public or Agreement Holiday’ states that you may:
i) Be paid an additional days wages.
ii) Have an additional of 1 day to the meat team member’s annual holiday.
iii) Have an alternative day off agreed between the employer and the employee.

Chirstopher Clark

If you have any questions in regards to this you can contact our Retail/Supermarkets Organiser Christopher Clark on 0417 070 396