MIESF  is the Meat Indrustry choice of Superannuation.


MIESF MySuper achieves +2.7% and Top 3 in Returns

Based on current estimates our MIESF MySuper investment return will be over +2.7% for the year ended
30 June 2020. We believe this is one of the highest returns for a MySuper option amongst more than 90
Australian superannuation funds.

MIESF MySuper’s return of +2.7% compares to the -0.5% for the average of MySuper options of other
Australian superannuation funds for the year.
Only one in three MySuper options achieved a positive investment return for the 2020 year.

We believe our 1 year return of +2.7%, 3 year average return of +7.1% p.a. and
5 year average return of +7.3% p.a. are all in the top 3 of all MySuper option returns.

MIESF will finalise the investment return calculation by 30th of September 2020.

MIESF Directors and staff will continue to work hard to achieve sound and competitive investment
outcomes for our members.