Awards and EBAs

A worker in New South Wales may be employed under:

  •  a Federal Award
  • or an Enterprise Agreement

The link below will take you to awards:

Meat Industry Award 2020

Poultry Processing Award 2020

Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award 2010

Useful Links

The Australian Labor Party is Australia’s oldest political party. The ALP history is intertwined with the history of Australia’s democracy and labor movement.

Labor has remained consistently united and determined to hold the NSW Liberal Government to account on their cuts to healthcare and education in NSW.

MINTRAC (National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited) is a company which represents the industry on training matters

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is the peak body for Australian unions, made up of 38 affiliated unions who together represent about 1.8 million workers and their families.

The industrial gains are many: decades of wage increases through the award system and campaigns in the field, safer workplaces, greater equality for women, improvements in working hours, entitlements to paid holidays and better employment conditions, and the establishment of a universal superannuation system.

The Commission is the independent national workplace relations tribunal. It is responsible for maintaining a safety net of minimum wages and employment conditions, as well as a range of other workplace functions and regulation

NSW IR promotes compliance with industrial legislation by:

  • providing information, advice and assistance relating to industrial entitlements
  • undertaking industrial inspections and industry targeted campaigns
  • where necessary, prosecuting breaches of industrial law
  • has a specialist team to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in NSW understand their rights and responsibilities as employees, employers and managers.

Welcome to Meat Industry Employees’ Superannuation Fund. MIESF is one of Australia’s best value industry superannuation funds with over 21,700 members and $882 million in net assets as at 30 June 2019.

You can remain a member of MIESF after you leave the meat industry. You can have your new employer make contributions to the Fund.

The Fund is open to members of the meat industry.

Safe Work Australia is an Australian government statutory body established in 2008 to develop national policy relating to WHS and workers’ compensation

Unions NSW campaigns in workplaces to ensure union members get a fair go, with decent wages and conditions

Carroll O’Dea formerly White Barnes Solicitors – Proudly associated with your Union for over 50 years.

Its primary objective is to achieve safe workplaces and the effective return to work for injured workers. WorkCover NSW has two main functions: To ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in NSW. The management of the NSW Workers Compensation system
Established in the early 1970s, the Workers Health Centre is Australia’s oldest workers health and safety service. We work towards the best possible outcome for you


Fair Work Australia Act


Work Health and Safety

Q Fever

Sexual Harassment



Workers Compensation

Workers Wellbeing