What is Sexual Harassment?

Any unwelcome sexual advance that may be physical, verbal or written behaviour which is unwelcome and offends, humiliates or intimidates.

Sexual harassment may consist of:

  • Offensive comments, jokes or gestures
  • Displays of offensive pictures or books
  • Unnecessary familiarity
  • Demeaning comments
  • Unwanted sexual propositions, demands or advances
  • Unwelcome requests for sex or forced sexual activities

What you should do:

  • Do not ignore sexual harassment
  • If possible make it clear that such behaviour is unwelcome
  • Get a copy of the Company policy
  • Contact the Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Officer of the Union
  • Get a copy of the Union policy


The AMIEU NSW Branch has a Sexual Harassment Officer – Patricia Fernandez, who can be contacted through your Union Office on 9893 9011 or Toll Free 1800 451 535