Excerpts from the WorkCover website: www.workcover.nsw.gov.au

Employer Responsibilities
When there is an injury at work, the employer must provide the injured worker with:
    • first aid and/or transport to medical treatment
    • name of the insurer
    • company name and employer contact details
    • a claim form, if requested by the worker
    • suitable duties
    • any assistance that will help the worker to recover and return-to-work quickly.
    • notify WorkCover immediately on 13 10 50 for serious incidents involving injury or illness
    • for incidents that are not immediately life threatening, such as exposure to specific substances, notify WorkCover within seven days using the online form (see ‘further information’) or phone 13 10 50
    • notify the insurer within 48 hours
    • provide the insurer with:
    • date and description of injury, and details of how it happened
    • name, address and date of birth of the injured worker
    • name and address of the company
    • name of the treating doctor, or name of the hospital if the worker is hospitalised
    • name and contact details of the person making the initial notification, and their relationship to the worker or employer.
    • forward to the insurer:
    • a WorkCover medical certificate, if provided by the injured worker, within seven days
    • ongoing medical certificates, receipts and accounts for medical or other treatment, within seven days.
Workers Responsibilities
When there is an injury at work, the injured worker must:
  • seek medical attention
  • notify the employer as soon as possible
  • record their name, the date and cause of the injury in the employer’s Register of Injuries
  • sign the WorkCover medical certificate, if one is required
  • participate and cooperate with the development and implementation of an injury management plan
  • comply with requests made by the insurance company with regard to their claim
  • make all efforts to return to work as soon as possible.
Insurer Responsibilities
When notified of an injury, the insurer must:
  • contact the worker and the employer within three days, and consult with the treating doctor, to ensure that the worker receives necessary assistance to recover and return to work
  • commence provisional liability payments of weekly benefits and medical expenses within seven days, unless a reasonable excuse exists
  • develop an injury management plan for a worker with a significant injury
  • cooperate with its obligations under the injury management plan.
Nominated Treating Doctor – injury management responsibilities
Any injured worker off work for more than seven days must nominate a treating doctor. The nominated treating doctor is responsible for coordinating all aspects of treatment and return-to-work management and is authorised by the worker to provide the employer and insurer with information relating to the injury and the worker’s rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation Provider – injury management responsibilities
Occupational rehabilitation is the process of returning injured workers to suitable employment. Accredited rehabilitation providers are organisations accredited by WorkCover to offer specialised services to help injured workers to return to work. Accredited rehabilitation providers:
  • assess the needs of the injured worker and the workplace requirements to develop a rehabilitation plan of action, listing the services needed to return the injured worker to work
  • employ different health professionals, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and rehabilitation counselors
  • are referred to by the employer, insurer or the treating doctor to help in complex cases
  • are nominated by the employer in the return-to-work program.
Health Care Provider – injury management responsibilities
Health care providers assist injured workers under the direction of the nominated treating doctor. WorkCover approves some health care providers if they meet specific criteria.
All health care providers must follow administrative procedures developed by WorkCover in conjunction with the relevant professional association.
Health care providers who are subject to these requirements are:
  • chiropractors
  • osteopaths
  • physiotherapists
  • independent physiotherapy consultants
  • remedial massage therapists.
If you require any further information, please contact your Union Organiser or call the office on: 9893 9011 or Toll Free – 1800 451 535.