Return to Work – Your Rights

  • your right to choose your own treating doctor
  • your right to choose your rehab provider
  • your right to contact your Union
  • your right to financial compensation
  • your right to treatment and rehabilitation in a reasonable time

What is the role of the Union in Return to Work?

Watchdog – ensure that workers rights are protected

Support – help injured workers to recover from their injuries and get back to full time work

Information – give information to workers

Solve problems – know where to go for extra help if you need it

An employer must have a Return to Work program before this program is developed:

  • the injured worker must be consulted
  • the injured workers doctor must be consulted
  • your Union – AMIEU must be consulted
  • your Union must sign off on the RTW program

Who is on your team?

  • you – the injured worker
  • your Union representative – organiser / delegate
  • the insurance company
  • the employer
  • your doctor / insurance company doctors
  • accredited rehab provider
  • other health professionals

The Union support to you will include:

  • keeping in touch
  • supporting you with your ongoing treatment
  • encouraging & supporting you to communicate with the treating doctor and the employer
  • assisting to identify any problems that may be preventing your return to work
  • ¬†ensuring the employer is providing suitable work duties
  • encourage your work mates to be positive about your return to work on suitable duties

What are suitable duties?

  • not just “light duties”
  • suitable for you personally
  • must be reasonable
  • may be increased in stages
  • is not to token or demeaning
  • must be designed in full consultation with you

What are the options for suitable duties?

  • return to pre-injury duties
  • different duties – same work section
  • different duties – different work section
  • different duties – new workplace
  • training courses for additional qualifications

Your Union can help you with Return to Work if the following occurs:

  • employer does not offer suitable duties
  • employer terminates you after 6 months
  • worker refuses suitable duties
  • the team does not communicate with each other

What can the Union do to solve problems about return to work?

  • ensure the injured worker is consulted
  • ensure your return to work is a team approach
  • ensure everybody agrees to the return to work goal
  • negotiate the solution if necessary